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GAR & Disclosure

Calculation and disclosure of the green asset ratio for financial institutions

Achieving the EU's 2030 climate targets and the objectives of the European Green Deal will require a large number of direct investments in sustainable activities. To this end, the EU has created a standardized framework for assessing sustainable activities - the EU taxonomy. This obliges banks to publish the sustainable share of financing granted. In addition, the BCBS Pillar 3 framework requires the disclosure of a wide range of other ESG-relevant portfolio information.


With this module, Climcycle enables the calculation of green asset ratios, eligibility ratios and the automated completion of all required reporting forms for disclosure in accordance with Art. 8 EU Taxonomy and Pillar III CRR 449a.

Input & Output

Various data from the financed counterparties is required to prepare the reporting forms. These include taxonomy compliance figures, information on energy efficiency and the impact of physical risks. Climcycle has an internal database with a large amount of the information required for this. This reduces your data collection effort to the bare minimum.


All the necessary reporting forms are generated from this and the KPIs are visualized in the user interface.


Calculation in accordance with Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2021/2178 of July 6, 2021 supplementing Regulation (EU) 2020/852 and the BCBS Pillar 3 framework.

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Use Case

Disclosure according to EU Taxonomy GAR

With Climcycle, the disclosure requirements relating to the Green Asset Ratio can be easily fulfilled. Based on standardized input data, all reporting templates included in the EU Taxonomy Regulation can be automatically populated for each portfolio.

Taking sustainable paths

Climcycle can be used in the front and back office. We support you during implementation and use with experienced consultants and experts.

Smartphone with Climcycle Software Dashboard
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