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For taxonomy assessment according to Appendix D, ESG risk management and CSRD disclosure


In the European Union, biodiversity is already enshrined in the so-called Taxonomy Regulation. The sixth environmental objective makes specific reference to biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems. The calculation and disclosure of biodiversity risks is also part of the CSRD & ESRS. This means that the impact on our ecosystems must be recorded and communicated to the outside world by all companies in the EU in the coming years.


Up to 9 acute and chronic biodiversity risks are projected in order to obtain a conformity assessment according to Annex D of the EU taxonomy.

Input & Output

To ensure user-friendliness, the input fields have been kept as minimal as possible. In addition to the address of the location to be assessed, the activity, type of construction, remaining useful life and, if applicable, the book value must be defined.

The output data is both regulatory compliant and intuitive.


Our module is based on publicly available data sources selected on the basis of regulatory recommendations. Through risk identification, individual vulnerability analyses and subsequent adjustment solutions, anticipated financial effects can also be determined and disclosed in the process.


The module covers all regions and economic activities.


All analyses can be carried out at different levels. The most precise level is the assessment of a single economic activity at a single location (using geocoordinates).

Taking sustainable paths

Climcycle can be used in the front and back office. We support you during implementation and use with experienced consultants and experts.

Smartphone with Climcycle Software Dashboard
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